A few words about our passion

In short, we are obsessed with sound and image! We like the power it has to transform space and moments. If you want to know more … read below!

The story of Elegant Asymmetry

Elegant Asymmetry is a company associated with music. It was born out of love for high fidelity and maintains such values ​​at all levels.

From 1995 until today, countless hours of research and experimentation have passed, starting from the laboratory and aiming at impressive sound performance and timelessness in every restaurant that is adorned by its sound systems.

Elegant Asymmetry events

You trust us and thank you

Elegant Asymmetry focuses on professional sound and lighting installations, events and live music.

Reception areas, bar, cafe, club, hotels etc. looking for superior sound results, use sound systems designed and installed by Elegant Asymmetry.

Recognized bands trust their sound performance to the company. Customers with high demands in each special event they present assign the full technical coverage to our company.

Upgrading existing audio installations is another case in which we work in order for your equipment to achieve optimal fidelity depending on the location.

The technical support service is probably the most evergreen of our services as we already support many dozens of sound and lighting systems.

elegant asymmetry story

Because we want to stand out

The focus of Elegant Asymmetry is on emotion. Our human and rational approach to technical and critical economic proposals is the rule that gives us superiority.

The win-win logic is deeply rooted in our dna and it makes you feel safe with us.

Safe in terms of the quality of our services but also in terms of our cooperation.

For more information and audio and video secrets you can visit our blog.

This is the sound you will remember